Terra-Vac Colt slide
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Terra-Vac Sweeper
Terra-Vac Stud
Terra-Vac Ferret

Why choose a Terra-Vac?

Quite simply, Terra-Vac machines are man enough for the job they were designed for; they have to work for many years in a very harsh environment and, therefore, they have to be tough. A heavy duty four bladed fan produces an extremely strong airflow.

Very strong suction through 16, 20 or 30cm. wander hoses.

So strong is the suction produced that large diameter hoses of 20 of even 30cm. can be used to collect all types of material with little chance of blockage.
As the material passes through the fan, it is mulched and propelled into the hopper.

Sweepers cover large areas quickly up to 10 acres per hour and brush height can be set to pick up from the surface minimising damage to the grass

Brush height can be set to scarify, removing moss & dead grass which improves growth. High tipping from 140 to 180cm. allows disposal of waste into skips or trailers.