Vincent Noordman and Tommy Kvarsell would like to bring the Terra-Vac suction machines and sweeping machines for removing manure to the attention of stud farms in Western Europe personally.
This summer and autumn we are planning though several company visits to stud farms in southern Sweden and the north west part of Danmark.

In the coming weeks of July 2019 you can expect an email from us announcing our visit to your region.

With our kindest regards,

Vincent Noordman
Managing director
Biezenstraat 19 – NL 4529 JJ EEDE
M. + 31 (0) 622 855 234

Tommy Kvarsell
Salesoffice Sweden – Danmark
Målsjö Brunnshult
64397  Västra Näshulta
M. + 46 (0) 7305 355 89