Vincent Noordman Immocommerce has been active since 1992 as an advisory purchase broker for tourist commercial real estate in France and Germany.

In 2010, Immocommerce’s services were expanded with:
1. Terra-Vac Europe, import and distribution of manure removal machines for the equestrian sector;
2. Terracommerce Trade and Terra Engineering, advice and development around the mechanization of manual labor;
3. Service center that connects services and mechanization in the equestrian sector.
We therefore speak of Immocommerce three in one equestrian services; we are a reliable discussion partner and advisor, objective and independent!
Our service center has direct contacts with manufacturers and advisors of horse-related machines, attachments such as slope flatteners, cutter bars, saddle techniques, semi-paved surfaces, etc. We often work with paddock paradises.

Immocommerce has now specialized in advisory purchases of equestrian companies, exclusively in France and Germany.
We are part of a network of fellow brokers who are specialized in the sale of equestrian properties.
We only work with exclusive searches.

Working with Immocommerce three in one means that you can be assured of adequate custom solutions that best suit your equestrian business.
Send us an e-mail with your wishes and we will get to work for you.