Since we seriously started selling Terra-Vac we sold some 60 machines so far all over western Europe, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republik and Hungary:

Czech Republik 1141 Hluboká nad Vltavou
Belgium 2960 Brecht 1
Belgium 2960 Brecht 2
Switzerland 3073 Gümligen
Switzerland 4313 Möhlin
Switzerland 5643 Sins
Hungary 8429 Porva-Szépalmapuszta
Belgium 8480 Eernegem (Ichtegem)
Belgium 8972 Haringen
Belgium 8980 Besselare
Belgium 9870 Zulte
Belgium 9982 Sint Jan in Eremo
France 13540 Aix en Provence
France 14140 Vieux Pont en Auge
France 14430 Bourgeauville
Germany 16278 Görlsdorf
Germany 19306 Neustadt-Glewe
France 24310 Mareuil
Germany 24963 Jerrishoe
Germany 29614 Moide Saltau
Germany 30916 Isernhagen
France 31370 Beaufort Lieu dit le Barrail
Germany 31714 Lauenhagen
France 35410 St. Aubin du Pavail
Spain 40500 Riaza
Germany 41066 Mönchengladbach
France 44690 Maisdon-sur-Sèvre
France 47500 Fumel
France 50680 Cerisy la Foret
France 50680 Cerisy-la-Forêt
Poland 59610 Wleń
France 61160 Trun Coulonces
France 61310 La Cochère
Sweden 64397 Västra Näshulta
Germany 64404 Bickenbach
Germany 64579 Gernsheim
France 65220 Lapeyre
Germany 65239 Hochheim am Main – OT Massenheim
France 74120 Demi- Quartier
France 76940 La Mailleraye-sur-Seine
France 77100 Meaux
France 78580 Herbeville
Germany 86934 Reichling
France 89190 Courgenay
Germany 90579 Langenzenn – Horbach
Holland 2245 BJ Wassenaar
Holland 2288 CW Rijswijk
Holland 2831 KA Gouderak
Holland 3956 CR Leersum
Holland 4529JJ Eede
Holland 4651 XA Steenbergen
Holland 4741 TE Hoeven
Holland 5684 NX Best
Holland 6964 CK Hall
Portugal 8401-901 Lagoa
Holland 9073TN Marrum
Holland 9525 TC Drouwenerveen

Please ask more details about one of our satisfied customers in the country you prefer. We than take contact with that customer to bring you in contact with him or her. All owners are equestrian farms, like you.
We know that a contact between two horse professionals talking about the experience with a Terra-Vac of one of them, will help you very much to decide to invest in a Terra-Vac.