Terra-Vac Ferret

Terra-Vac Ferret CS 14 mobile suction unit.
The Ferret is the smallest suction machine in the Terra-Vac range and is designed to be clamped onto the side or tailgate of any truck or trailer, converting it into a highly mobile cleaning vehicle.

The unit is powered by a 14hp petrol engine and comes complete with a 4m. Ø20cm wander hose that will pick-up grass, plastic, paper or any organic waste material with ease.

Terra-Vac Ferret CS 18 mobile suction unit powered by PTO
Designed to be used with a trailer or other collection container.

The Terra-Vac CS 18-400 is a mobile suction unit for tractor 3 point linkage, powered by PTO. The unit basically comes with a 4m. Ø 20cm wander hose that will pick-up grass, plastic, paper or any organic waste material with ease and deposit it into the trailer.

Terra-Vac Colt

Colt 10 and 20 models are most suitable for small equestrian farms; both models are available with 4 meter wander hose Ø20cm. and have 1 or 2m3. capacity.

The Terra-Vac unique ground scoop lets you drive whilst the machine does the work. For the more difficult areas, switch to the wander hose. this will make easy work of cleaning stables, ditches etc. Ask our brochure for more information.

Terra-Vac Stud

Models EQU 29, 40 and 50 for equestrian use.

Models GREEN 40,50,60,75 and 100 for green maintenance.
Storage Capacity goes from almost three to 10m³.

Working width scoops 60 or 75 for droppings,
and up to 240cm. for leaves, fallen fruit, events pick-ups etc.

Terra-Vac Sweeper

Paddock and Park Sweeper   
If professional cleaning is required at speed, then the Terra-Vac Sweeper is the machine for you. Covering up to 10 acres per hour, the sweeper will pick-up droppings, remove dead grass (which will enhance growth) and leave your paddock with a healthy ‘striped’ appearance.

It will remove general rubbish, leaves and twigs. The height of the brush can be adjusted; higher to pick-up droppings or lowered to, say, scarify out moss.
The power brush is centrally pivoted so that it can ‘float’ in all directions to follow the contours of the ground. There is an adjustable brush deflector to direct the droppings to the back of the hopper, ensuring maximum fill.