Quite simply, Terra-Vac machines are man enough for the job they were designed for; they have to work for many years in a very harsh environment and, therefore, they have to be tough.

At the heart of each machine is a heavy duty four bladed fan which produces an extremely strong airflow. So strong is the suction produced that large diameter hoses of 20 of even 30cm. can be used to collect all types of material with little chance of blockage. As the material passes through the fan, it is mulched and propelled into the hopper.
Drive to the fan, whether from an engine or tractor PTO, is always via twin v-belts to provide protection against overload.

Great designs, quality components and dedicated workmanship has helped Terra-Vacs gain an enviable reputation for unbeatable performance and exceptional reliability. On the odd occasion when things do go wrong, we offer superb after sales service.

What also sets us apart is our flexibility; we understand that our customers may have special requirements, whether it be in terms of size, to fit into a building or livery to match corporate identity, Terra-Vac will always try to find a solution.


Terra-Vac Stable and Paddock Cleaners, Grounds Maintenance Equipment
Our main markets are paddock cleaners, all types of grounds maintenance applications for golf courses, parks, local authorities, waste management and equipment hire companies.

We produce suction and sweeper cleaners to fit all sizes of operation and budget. Great designs, quality components and dedicated workmanship has ensured that Terra-Vac has gained an enviable reputation for unbeatable performance and exceptional reliability. Terra-Vac make highly efficient all-season ground cleaners that will save you time and money year after year.


Commercial Grounds Maintenance Equipment

From small parks to prestigious golf courses, Terra-Vac machines can be found clearing leaves, cores, scarifying debris and grass clippings. Increasingly, they are also used to ‘groom’, enhancing appearance and encouraging stronger grass growth. All of our range is manufactured to the highest standards using high quality components. This ensures a very long working life with minimal maintenance. Exceptional value for money. We are flexible and can modify our designs to meet a customer special requirements.


Sweeper benefits

  • Sweepers cover large areas quickly up to 10 acres per hour and brush height can be set to pick up from the surface minimising damage to the grass
  • Brush height can be set to scarify, removing moss & dead grass which improves growth.
  • Regular use helps to flatten the meadows & improves the surface.
  • Baffle inside the hopper ensures full capacity can be used by tipping material to the rear.
  • High tipping from 140 to 180cm. allows disposal of waste into skips or trailers.
  • Sweeping agitates the surface of the ground releases nutrients into the soil and help to improve drainage.
  • The average life of a Sweeper is that long to make the investment as low as from on € 7500.00 to € 17.000,00; your return on investment exonerates.
  • Investing in a Sweeper saves time & money as manual labour will be eliminated.


When consider to invest in a Sweeper?

  • Excessive use can cause damage to the grass by removing beneficial material
  • Not as efficient for cleaning selective areas or small paddocks.
  • Sweepers are best used in dry conditions for relatively flat ground; some areas can be missed if there are hollows or humps.
  • Sweepers have special brushes and only can be used to clean meadows and other grass surfaces, not for parking areas etc.
  • Sweepers are great for cleaning large relatively flat areas, and have the added advantage of being able helping to promote growth.
  • Sweepers also assist in improving the surface, and leave a striped effect for visual impact.
  • Care has to be taken that Sweepers are not over used, as this can remove too much thatch and damage the grass.
  • For green maintenance we recommend a 25 to 65 horse power tractor for the 2 tot 7m³. machines.
  • For picking up horse muck you need 25% extra horsepower on your tractor.
  • 90 to 95% collection can be achieved



Tips for using a Sweeper most effectively


  • First of all: avoid the removal of manure in wet weather conditions. Wet manure is too heavy to remove effectively with a Sweeper.
  • If you are looking for a multi-functional machine, you better choose for a combination of mobile suction like the CS 18 and a Sweeper.
  • Removing manure from pastures with tall grass is far from effective.
  • For manure removal from tall grass better choose to invest in a suction machine.


Suction Benefits


  • The Stud CS models are machines with one rotor, the CT model has a double rotor, double scoops and two wander hoses.
  • Suction Machines can clean meadows and stables, horse troughs and areas near railings and fences.
  • Suction Machines can pick up indoor and outdoor waste material easily in every situation and volume. By the changeover kit you can switch from scoop to manual.
  • Stud models have one or two suction units with 20 or 30cm. wander hose to the scoop and 20cm. for the 4m. wander hose for manual use.
  • Stud models have a storage capacity of almost 3, 4 or 5m³. for equestrian use plus a 6, 7½ and 10m³. for waste materials in the green sector.
  • Stud models are widely used for leaf removal in public parks, sports fields, golf courses, to remove rotting fruit in large orchards and more.
  • All waste material gets immediately crushed through the rotor, making that the space in the storage area is used optimally.
  • The compact storage in the container makes that you do much less often do have to drive down from your working spot to the yard which saves time and money.
  • Talking about meadows the Stud has pretty much the same characteristics as the Sweeper.
  • In wet conditions however the Stud performs well as long as you work with the 4m. Ø 20cm. wander hose.
  • In countries with a humid climate you better choose working with a Ø 30cm. scoop suction and not with Sweepers.
  • The Stud CT models with double suction units both can function at the same time when you use the two Ø 20cm. wander hoses or the two scoops simultaneously.




Suction Machine Considerations


  • Suction machines provide the best method of achieving 100% pick up removing worms, parasites, larvae and eggs which improves grazing conditions and horse health. They are very versatile and are used to clean stables, ditches, horse troughs and many other applications. They mulch the material which reduces bulk and produces a consistent compost material which assists with disposal and recycling. They feature a unique Ground Scoop which allows you to collect the waste hands free as you drive along.
  • The scoops are partly placed outside the machine. In the track where the engine drives the manure remains. Which can be removed by a second man using the manual 4m. wander hose.
  • If you find this undesirable you better choose the Sweeper.